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C bitcoin get transactions for address

c bitcoin get transactions for address

of the Transaction. Edit: Toshi is no longer maintained and m no longer provides this API afaik. After getting all the TransactionIDs, do i have to write them now all down and keep track of them for my abcdefgh address for future spendings or is there some way to just say "spend x amount of of this address"? How do i get them programmatically? An example to make express my confusion more clearly: I have an Address (abcdefgh) and i recieved 10 Bitcoins with 10 different transactions (Transaction ID 1-10) Since i was not involved in the sending (somone people gifted. Due to the way the transactions are indexed you cannot perform this kind of query with Bitcoind, I'm assuming the case is the same objet sas monnaie for btcd. I am using c# and NBitcoin to write my own Programm.

What are pros and cons of txindex option? As for why your rescan didn't work when you initially imported the address, I can't really say. Do i have to save every transaction id of every BItcoin i ever recieved? I'm interested in finding out if it works for you. At this point, I recommend you stop your Bitcoin daemon and run bitcoind -rescan and wait for it to do its magic. You will need to enable txindex 1 in your nf per @Jannes' suggestion. (Reading the Book "Programming Blockchain I can send out Bitcoins just fine, but very complicated. The DB of this node allows for richer queries, but requires an order of magnitude more storage.

Listtransactions sounds like it should do wha.
Maybe this is pedantic, but bitcoin does have from addresses, they just might not be owned by the person that initiated a transaction.
To say that transactions don't have from addresses is very misleading, as is that entire wiki page.
Get the detailed statistics on, bitcoin Addresses : transactions, hash, balance, received bitcoins.

Seeing as this question remains unanswered after a few months. Get non-wallet transactions using bitcoin rpc (gettransaction). This is also my main Problem. In this sentence i use "Bitcoin" to represent any amount of Bitcoin. And with the help of this ID i can than send this Bitcoin somewhere else. So if i want to send.3 Bitcoin i have to send.3 Bitcoin to the reciever and.7 back to me?!?! You can unsubscribe with one click. Keep in mind that attempting to import a Bitcoin address that already exists within your wallet will not initiate a rescan, even if specified to do so on the command line. Mine took 15-20 minutes # Once 'bitcoin-cli getinfo' returns valid info, run: bitcoin-cli listtransactions "Index Test" 10 0 true # Result: "involvesWatchonly" : true, "account" : "Index Test "address" : "category" : "receive "amount" :.50000000, "vout" : 0, "confirmations" : 22539, "blockhash". A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome. You are at: Home fAQ advanced Questions ┬╗How to read a Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.