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Electricity necessary to produce 0.1 bitcoin

electricity necessary to produce 0.1 bitcoin

Local Content Measure - Where a business or investor is required to purchase a certain amount of locally sourced materials to be used in the manufacturing, etc., of their product. Many economists and business commentators use the term very loosely without regard to a particular definition, other than it being a period of economic contraction with related factors. Grey Knight - A third person, or company, who makes an unsolicited bid in a corporate takeover, and who takes advantage of any problems which arise between the first bidder (White Knight) and the company being acquired. Iron Triangle - A project management term (also called the Project Management Triangle, Triple Constraint, and variations of these the Iron Triangle refers to (according to the concept) the three main inputs and the output of most projects, namely: inputs -.

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Discretionary Order - Permits a broker to buy or sell shares on behalf of an investor in order to get the best price. A company management system which seeks to improve the quality of products and services and to improve customer satisfaction by giving everyone in the organisation the responsibility of achieving and keeping high standards. Pi has an infinite number of decimal places, and fascinates mathematicians in calculating pi itself, and memory experts too in memorizing as much of it as possible. The amount of funds which are available to a company for everyday running costs, such as wages, rent, etc. Tailor-Made - Adapted or made for a particular purpose or individual.

Spiff - A commission paid by a manufacturer or supplier to encourage salespeople to sell their product rather than a competitors. Voice Recognition - Technology which allows computers, mobile phones, etc., to be operated by being spoken. Pan-European - Relating to all, or most of, the countries in Europe.