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Elite dangerous devenir trader

elite dangerous devenir trader

belts are supported now. I simply don't know what's more up2date. Fixed a couple of small bugs and cleaned up the codebase. All station pages received links to the Single and Multi Hop Route Trader with pre-populated station info. If you still miss any functionality, don't hesitate to contact us! With the Body Finder you can find the Pristine and Metal Rich site near you! If you use the files, please change your import script accordingly!

elite dangerous devenir trader

The whole faction data quality on eddb is utterly bad. On eddb factions can be searched with the Minor Faction Search Finder. Looking to turn a profit Commander? Using our market guides and trading tools you will quickly learn the best Elite: Dangerous trading routes. Even older news: : Engineers! It had to be complete in terms of data information.

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Eddb has been prepared for all the.4 changes. This includes body information on detailed scan, black market prices on illegal commodity sale, or faction information on system arrival or station docking. Last but not least, thanks to cmdr Nexolek for the great inspiration and especially his element material base data. Eddb has been updated for.3 - Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Four! This should not have a big impact, since a lot of bodies have been imported already. Blackmarket / max station landing pad size was imported from Maddavo's Market Share! I believe that goal has been achieved. However, some stuff needs further investigation. The new property is_rare has been added to the nightly commodities. Improved financial treasury and forex management Powerplay and API version bump The Powerplay section has been improved - more information and more accurate data! If you come up with another filter that could be useful for you, drop me a message on Discord themroc).